So many times in our lives we find ourselves at crossroads, and almost always there are no definite signs that point out to the direction we should take, the very obvious way is not so clear. In the end we decide to “wing it”, and we accept to live with the consequences of our choices, whatever they may be. As much as we would like a big loud sound from heaven or God’s hand pushing us towards a direction (secretly hoping its what we favor) saying “THIS IS THE WAY”, in reality it does not always happen like that.

At times like these i zone out, distance myself from the situation and prolong the decision making as loooong as possible just so i do not have to make the tough choices that life requires of us, and this approach always never ends well, its a cowardly approach and results in choices made out of compromise. But in times like this God is not far, he’s actually closer than we could ever imagine..the bible calls him “a very present help in time of need (Psalm 46:1) “, he is a guide, a Shepard, a leader, a light to our path. The peace that the holyspirit gives us in a choices we make at the crossroads is enough to seal the deal. Christ instructs us in John 14, “do not let your hearts be troubled”  he promises us an advocate who will be with us forever, a comforter who will give us peace, and not peace of this world, but one that surpasses all understanding.

At the crossroads, when no choice seems clear, the peace of God will guide your decision..there is this overwhelming breath of fresh air that comes with trusting and surrendering the situation to God, knowing he has GOT YOUR BACK WITH NO DELAY.

Till we meet again 🙂

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